At Elegant Crafts Inc., we comply with all general laws regarding law, taxation, marketing, employment, environment and data protection. Our company also abides by the requirements of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).


    Product Safety

    It is obvious that unsafe products are hazardous to customers, but they also cause irreversible damage to the business that produce and market them. We are committed to producing quality, safe and environmentally responsible products for our customers. Our employees are dedicated to providing our customers with safe products that exceed the expectations in terms of quality and safety. All our products are designed by keeping the statutory standards and regulations in time. Our policies and programs detect and prevent non compliance products from being shipped to you.


    We conduct external third-party certifications and testing to ensure product safety compliance.


    As our research team continuously works towards innovating designs and products, we aggressively work towards safeguarding our customers against safety and quality issues. 

    Elegant Crafts Inc. strives towards protecting customers, employees and environment in producing safe and legally compliant merchandise.


    With our totally safe products your customers will never get a chance to complain.


    Health, safety and environmental impact

    On the manufacturing shop floor our employees works with various machines and equipments. Any mishap or injury may have disastrous consequences on employees and organization. In this regard, our health, safety and environment management coordinates and monitors the health and safety of our employees. Our committed team responds to health, safety and environmental issues as they occur based on prevailing regulatory requirements.


    We strive towards compliance and constant improvements in the maintenance of health and safety conditions of our workers and to protect the environment against adverse impact through our risk management programs.


    At Elegant Crafts Inc., we recognize the need for environmental sustainability through cleaner production and infrastructure.


    External agents are regularly consulted with respect to waste management and disposal.


    Fair Competition

    Our reputation and long-term success in based on how well we serve our customers. Compliance with competition is of utmost importance to us. We want to make it clear to the outside world and to our employees that we compete fairly and lawfully. It is grounded in our values and is reflected in the ways we operate.


    We take steps to identify, access and reduce our competition risks through the implementation of an effective competition compliance framework.


    By following the competition compliance law we do our bit and enhance productivity, innovation and value for customers. Every person in the line of authority at Elegant Crafts Inc. demonstrate a commitment to complying with the competition law. We instill a compliance culture in our organization.

    We review our compliance efforts on an annual basis and take steps so that the company does not break any law.


    We believe that complying with various industrial and manufacturing compliances will give us a competitive edge, on which we can capitalize.   

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