We are doing everything we could to streamline the manufacturing process. We are now using the latest technology to produce the finest quality handicraft products and that too without making any kind of sacrifice on the quality front. Our workers work tirelessly and with the utmost attention to manufacture international standard products and all the products undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that there is no flaw in the design.


    Our manufacturing process has been streamlined and simplified over the years to create premium quality handicraft products. We have the facility of moulding, pressing, lathing, polishing, plating and all other facilities that require the uninterrupted production of goods.


    We have cut down on the complexities of the production process and now we are reaping the benefits of that effort. The cost of production has come down and this has enabled us to offer low-cost handicraft products to our worldwide customers. This flow of production also gives us a competitive advantage to over its competitors.


    We are equipped with modern machines for quality finishing of products. This assists us in coming up with products, which are widely preferred by international buyers. Along with a well-laid manufacturing facility & meticulously devised manufacturing processes, it is our efficient designing, market study, consumer requirement analysis etc., back us tonne innovative products. All our products are functionally superior and have an inevitable appeal.




    Elegant Crafts Inc. Sampling is a hub of the business stream. Mostly we provide a sample on free of cost but, for some products that require special tooling or arrangement, the customer needs to pay for the development expenses. If the development results in bulk production then we offer some exemption from the order amount. Our company has manned specialises in sampling designs, is having CAD, CAM and all other modern techniques for sample development process. This is why we manufacture the exact sample of what our customer requires.

    We send sample through international couriers and cargo. On the basis of mutual consultation, for regular buyers, generally we send samples FREE of cost, it will definitely save the client from custom and shipping hassles. We have both facilities of sending samples to our customers, pay in advance and to pay basis. Sample development is an ongoing process of the company. Every year we work on creations and innovative approach to give shape to client's ideas and market trends. We also develop samples as per our customers' requirement to meet the customised product development needs of our clients.


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